About Us

Who Are We ?

Since being established in 2010, ACC Food and Starch Co., Ltd has grown to become a leader in the Starches, Flours, Baking Mixes, Leaveners & Thickeners industry. Locally and family owned – but reaching customers worldwide, we have a commitment to personal integrity, stability, and reliability. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of the Food,starch,flour and confectionary Industry. Assistance is provided on technical trials and an extensive range of literature is provided upon request. We Partner with leading food producers such as Cargill, Mitr Phol and Bobs Red Mill, serving a network of local consumers across the world. Offering a wide range of materials, a committed and experienced team, and sharing countless long-standing relationships, ACC Food and Starch Co., Ltd is an unbreakable link in the global chemical supply chain.

For over 5 years, ACC Food and Starch Co., Ltd has played a growing role in worldwide food innovations and applications. ACC Food and Starch Co., Ltd has extensive experience in producing super high quality, high-grade starch and food products. Our products are purchased to make high products in domestic as well as the international markets in Asia, Europe and the USA. Delivering excellent customer service is at the core of everything we do. Our aim is to be the partner of choice in our customers' innovation processes and to help them produce and develop successful products.

Our Vision

ACC Food and Starch Co., Ltd is poised to be a regional market leader, with a commitment to business growth along with contribution to the sustainable advancement of ASEAN and the local communities where we operate.

It is also our commitment to add value for our customers, employees, business partners, and related parties through the business management of international standard, strong principles of corporate governance and uncompromising safety standards. With the aim of contributing to the well-being of humanity, ACC Food and Starch Co., Ltd strives to provide quality products and services through operational excellence, technology development, and innovation.

Why us ?

Exceptional service, stability, and reliability set us apart from the rest. We possess the best pricing, immediate service, and best payment. You will rely on us to keep your business running smoothly and profitable, and we deliver on that – every day.

You may place an order in our Company for both a small batch of starch or food items and a bulk delivery up to several thousands of tons. We are seriously interested in establishing long-term relationships and making strong contractual mutual commitments with our Partners. It allows us provide supremely favorable terms and choosing optimal solution for performance targets.